Largest Jheronimus Bosch painting exhibit set for Brabant museum

The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Jheronimus Bosch (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Jheronimus Bosch (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

The Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch will host the largest Jheronimus Bosch exhibition from February 13th next year. The exhibition is expected to consist of 20 paintings and 19 drawings, NU reports.

"The exhibition is an unparalleled tribute to the most important medieval artist our country ever knew", according to the museum. "Never before have so many works by this 'devil artist' been brought together." For this exhibit, artworks will be loaned from, among others, the Prado in Madrid, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Louvre in Paris and the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice.

Jheronimus Bosch, 1450 - 1516, was born as Jheronimus va Aken in Den Bosch. He distinguished himself by painting and drawing monsters, angels, saints and demonic figures. The exhibition is the culmination of the National Event Year Jheronimus Bosch 500, which marks the 500th anniversary of the artist's death. The artist is also known as Jeroen Bosch.