Child shooting witnesses saw laser gun sites pointed at them

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)

Several children told the police that they noticed laser lights on their bodies on the day that notorious Amsterdam criminal Lucas Boom was killed on the street in Zaandam.

A police spokesperson told RTL Nieuws that at least one child claimed to have seen a laser beam during official questioning. A number of the other children's stories correspond with this claim, but these stories were not told in official questioning. The children were kept out of each other's company as much as possible. The police believe that the laser came from the Kalashnikov that the perpetrators used to kill Boom.

Boom was shot in the middle of a residential area, while many children were playing outside at the nearby elementary schools. The police are still investigating the assassination. Investigators are particularly looking for a man seen near a burning car in Amsterdam. The police believe that this car was used as the getaway vehicle after the assassination. A composite sketch of this man will be released on Tuesday night.