Pre-teen girl's stolen iPhone a gift from dead father

iPhone 5 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Neilpcronin). (iPhone 5 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Neilpcronin))

Four cellphones were stolen from the ICO Center for Arts & Culture in Assen on Saturday. One of these phones belonged to 12 year old Isa from Oosterwolde. It has great emotional value to the girl as it belonged to her deceased father.

Isa's father died suddenly in December. She got his phone after his death. "She cherished it. It contains messages between her and her father and photos stored only on the phone. She kept them in memory of him", family friend Menno Oomkens told AD, adding that Isa is "overcome with grief".

Oomkens posted an urgent call on Twitter. "For those who stole the phones at ICO . They include an iPhone 5 from the deceased father of a girl (12). Bring it back! Please RT!" The police tweeted the same message.

The message has since been shared hundreds of times, but so far the phone has not been returned to it's rightful owner.