Two more car fires in Haarlem, one near Mayor's home

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There were two more car fires in Haarlem last night, one of them not far from Mayor Bernt Schneiders home.

The fires happened on Meester Lottelaan and on Albert Verwijlaan. Petrie Koenen, spokesperson for the Police Haarlem, confirmed to NRC that arson was involved. A jerry can was found near the burning car on Meester Lottelaan. The car fire on Albert Verwijlaan also appears to be arson, but this will only be confirmed once the police have finished the forensic investigation.

Koenen could not say whether the car fire near the Mayor's home was a targeted attack against Schneider. The Mayor has been under protection since Monday after his own car burnt out. The police are looking into a possible link between the Mayor's car burning down and the Hell's Angels.

According to the spokesperson, last night's car fire was near Schneiders' home, but not in the immediate vicinity.