Lawyer: Vino H. regrets stabbing 96-year-old Amsterdammer

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Vino H. regrets stabbing 96 year old Oma Toni, according to his lawyer Bob Meijer. A pretrial hearing on the case will be held in the court of Amsterdam on Tuesday. It is not yet clear whether the prosecution will hold H. responsible for the death of the 96 year old Amsterdam woman.

"He has written a letter of apology which will be forwarded to the lawyer of Oma Toni's family." Meijer told RTL Nieuws. "He regrets that he stabbed Oma Toni and that she died thereafter." The psychiatric examinations on H. have not been finalized yet, according to the lawyer.

The 24 year old man from Arnhem stabbed Oma Toni several times on March 19th while she was walking through the Pijp in Amsterdam. The seriously injured victim managed to flee to her home and call the police. She passed away in April.

An hour after the stabbing, H. turned himself in to police officers on the Dam. He was carrying a knife and told the officers that he stabbed someone to take revenge on his father. Oma Toni was a random victim.