PM Rutte has a "disturbing perspective on democracy," says CDA leader

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According to CDA leader Sybrand Buma, Prime Minister Mark Rutte is spreading a "disturbing perspective on democracy" because he does not want to disclose the plan for the tax reform to parliament.

Buma said this on the television program Buitenhof on Sunday, the Telegraaf reports. According to Buma, Rutte is afraid that the opposition Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, will tear the plan apart. He does not want to negotiate with the Cabinet on the tax reform behind closed doors.

Buma said that he is not in opposition to the Cabinet's plans, but wants to have a serious look at it. According to him, this often leads to support from the CDA and sometimes to the party rejecting the plans. "That is a common practice in a democracy and the CDA will abide to that with the tax plan."

He will accept an invitation from the Cabinet to discuss, but will not negotiate on making the plans public. "No way, we're going to test the plan in the Kamer." Tax cuts for citizens is an important issue for the CDA, which is why he wants the Cabinet's plan to be tested.