Union: Senior center execs earn more than PM Rutte

Home care (Picture: Twitter/@AZAZorg). (Home care (Picture: Twitter/@AZAZorg))

There are 152 directors of care facilities for the elderly who have a higher salary than the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, reports labor union FNV. The highest-paid care center executive is Wander Blaauw from Zorgpartners Friesland, whose annual income last year was almost 400,000 euros, more than double the 178,000 euros earned by Rutte.

The union believes that such high management salaries are not appropriate given the number of workers who lost their jobs in the industry in later years. Last year, there were 200 workers fired at the Alliade care center in Heerenveen while the salary of the executive rose by 15 thousand.

The government is already working on trying to restrict top pay in the senior care sector. Last year, the cabinet delayed imposing the prime minister's salary as a legal ceiling for pay in senior care.