Train workers union reaches deal on new NS contract

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After the latest negotiation session, which lasted more than 24 hours, NS and the unions have finally come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement for NS employees.

NS employees will earn about 5 percent more in the next 2.5 years. It was also agreed that no permanent jobs will be scraped until 2019 and 200 jobs will be created for people with occupational disabilities. There will however, be 20 percent less flexible positions available. NS will also look into the possibility of paying young employees more.

"We have not achieved everything we wanted, but the key is that the new collective bargaining agreement will contribute to peace in an extremely turbulent period at NS." negotiator Evert Jan van de Mheen of CNV Vakmensen told NOS.

The new agreement still has to be approved by the union members. The agreement applies to 16 thousand train drivers, conductors, service workers, technicians and office staff.