Survey: Most want end to battery farm chicken

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Slightly more than half of the Dutch population want battery farm chicken to come to an end. Many Dutch people think it is great that businesses and civil society organizations make agreements on humane and sustainable chicken, even if this means that chicken is more expensive.

This is according to a representative survey by Motivaction, commissioned by Natuur & Milieu after the Authority Consumer and Market ruled that the so-called "chicken of tomorrow", an environmentally and animal friendly alternative to battery farm chicken, is illegal because it would be more expensive in supermarkets.

According to the results of the survey, 65 percent of the Netherlands support the agreements on the chicken of tomorrow. 52 percent of Dutch people think that sustainability and animal welfare should be more important than low prices. Only 15 percent want to keep battery farm chicken.

"The ACM focuses too much on the price in its assessment. But they need to look more broadly, to health, animal welfare, a healthy environment and a rich nature. Consumers find that find, according to research. Now only the government", said Sijas Akkerman, head of Food at Natuur & Milieu.

On Thursday the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, will have a debate on the ACM's ruling on the Chicken of Tomorrow. During this debate, Natuur & Milieu will call on the government to broaden the ACM's assessment criteria to, in addition to price, also focus on other criteria such as sustainability.