Analyst: Delhaize CEO will lead merged Ahold-Delhaize firm

Ahold Albert Heijn Headquarters Zaandam (Niels Kim/wikimedia commons). (Ahold Albert Heijn Headquarters Zaandam (Niels Kim/wikimedia commons))

Frans Muller, the Dutch CEO of Delhaize Group, is likely to lead the merger of Netherlands retailer Ahold and Belgian retailer Delhaize, according to Petercam analyst Fernand de Boer. The current CEO of Ahold, Dick Boer, will then resign to become the chairman of the supervisory board, De Boer told newspaper FD.

In this scenario, Jeff Carr should then become the CFO of the merged firm, and James McCann will lead the American branch of the company, said de Boer.

De Boer also suggested that the companies will try to reach a merger agreement this month. The talks have already advanced more than previous press reports have suggested, according to the expert.

The acquisition of Delhaize can save Ahold 600 million in costs annually, analysts predict. Given current market prices, Ahold would pay around 90 euros for each share of Delhaize.