Digital economy creating new style of summer jobs

The digitization of the new economy is resulting in rapidly changing job opportunities for holiday workers. While holiday workers are still employed in traditional summer jobs such as bartenders and waiters, they are more and more also being employed in positions that didn't even exist 10 years ago.

This is according to Start People, one of the major mediators of holiday jobs in the Netherlands. "With this you have to think of jobs created as a result of the digitization of the economy", said Elizabeth Griffioen, manager of ASA which is part of Start People. "These are jobs where you, for example, need knowledge of social media, apps and other digital tools."

According to Griffioen, the job opportunities for students are changing rapidly. "We see that they are used more often in sectors or jobs that have emerged in the digital age in recent years. They often have experience in this field and are also more proficient with digital tools than other, older workers." As example, Griffioen mentions jobs like writing content for vacation and booking sites.

A study by Universum Global among more than 12 thousand students at 32 Dutch higher education institutions also showed that Google is one of the most popular companies where students want to work after completing their studies. The top three companies for students studying business or economics is KLM, Google and Heineken. Students studying a technical direction would most like to work at Google, Philips or Shell.