Russia bans three Dutch MPs

Three Dutch parliamentarians appear on a Russian list of people from the European Union that are no longer allowed to enter the country.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AD reports. According to the Ministry, Russia calls the list a justified response to the sanctions set by the EU after Russia annexed the Crimea and interfered in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"The Russian list lacks any foundation in international law and is not transparent", Minister Bert Koenders said. The embassy in Moscow received the list on Thursday. The Ministry of Foreign affairs has informed the parties concerned.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not disclose the names of the three parliamentarians on the list, but according to AD, parliamentarian Louis Bontes is one of them. Bontes recently made comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a "KGB villain". He is convinced that Russia was involved in the MH17 disaster. In March Bontes said that Putin is a danger to European safety. "The evil empire is back. We must not fall prey to the maniac Putin." he said.


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