Dutch DJs, Dance industry exports about to hit €200 million this year

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The dance industry in the Netherlands and the dominance of Dutch DJs on music charts has paved the way for 170 dance music events in the country with 2.7 million annual visitors every year, become an important part of the Dutch economy. The Dutch dance music industry accounts for one in 14 jobs in the creative industries and if the current growth rate continues, the export value of Dutch dance music industry in 2015 will be nearly 200 million euros, ING wrote on Wednesday.

When putting performances, record sales and rights all together, the total value of the Dutch dance music industry exports was roughly 120 million euros in 2013, about 40 percent smaller than current levels.

Performances generate the largest revenue, taking 94 percent of the total amount. More than four in ten Dutch people aged 16 and above, say they love the dance music genre. The music is not only popular among young people, but 40 percent of people aged 50 to 59 and 20 percent of those in their sixties say they listen to electronic dance music.

The 2.7 million unique visitors that attend the 170 dance music festivals annually form an equivalent of a sell-out crowd at the Amsterdam Arena every week for the year.

The ever-increasing popularity of the dance music industry has created a large amount of sales in a short period of time, which can be seen in the 260 million euros that Dutch DJs, VJs, producers and agencies make annually.