Netherlands Senate selections today

Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Sebastiaan ter Burg)Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Sebastiaan ter Burg)

The Provincial Council will be electing a new Senate today. This may be a stressful day for Prime Minister Mark Rutte as it is expected that the coalition will lose its majority in the Eerste Kamer with this election.

According to RTL Nieuws, a total of 580 State members will be voting in their home province's State room starting from 3:00 p.m. The official results will be announced in the Eerste Kamer, or Senate, on Thursday.

Based on the results of the provincial elections March this year it seems very likely that the coalition of the VVD and PvdA along with the "friendly opposition" of the D66, ChristenUnie and SGP will no longer have a majority in the Senate. This means that the coalition may need the help of another party to make ruling the country possible.


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