Teen kicked out of Rotterdam McDonald's for acting "gay"

A 16 year old boy was chased out of the McDonald's restaurant at De Kuip in Rotterdam on Tuesday for being gay. The manager reportedly told the boy that he would rather not see "their kind of people" in the restaurant, according to Matthijs Kuijpers, who posted about the incident of Facebook.

According to Kuijpers, his 16 year old daughter, her best friend - the boy in question, and another friend visited the McDonalds on Tuesday. There was a large group of young people, of Moroccan descent Kuijpers says, that were bullying them.

"Eventually the North African McDonalds manager came and said that they prefer not to have their kind of people (gays) at the restaurant and asked my daughter and her friends to go away immediately." Kuijpers writes on Facebook.

Kuijpers told AD that he posted the incident on Facebook because these sort of incidents must not be allowed to happen. "It's about awareness. This is nonsense. It is 2015 and the boy is afraid to walk through Rotterdam-Zuid." he said to the newspaper. According to him the boy is still considering filing a report.

McDonald's is aware of the Facebook post. "We are certainly taking it seriously and are doing a thorough investigation before we give a reaction", a spokesperson told the newspaper.

The post has caused an uproar on Facebook. It has been shared 444 times and has received 106 comments, with people calling the incident scandalous and urging the boy to press charges. "Stupid! Not of this time..." one of the comments reads.