Daughter rescued from ISIS won't be prosecuted

Aicha, the young woman from Maastricht that was rescued from Syria by her mother last year, will not be prosecuted. 

Aicha's lawyer, Francoise Landerloo, confirmed this to RTL Nieuws, stating that the Public Prosecutor dismissed the case due to lack of evidence. "The Public Prosecutor rightly concluded what I have said from the beginning, that there is no evidence that my client is guilty of an offense. She went to Syria to help residents and refugees. She is relieved that she will not be prosecuted and will continue to focus on her personal life", the lawyer said.

The Public Prosecutor also confirmed that the young woman will not be prosecuted. "Investigation has shown that she did not participate in the armed struggle", a spokesperson told RTL.

Aicha traveled to Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State caliphate in Syria, early last year with plans to marry Dutch jihadist Omar Yilmaz. Late last year her mother Monique decided to also go to Syria to rescue her daughter from the terrorist organization. Both mother and daughter returned to the Netherlands in November. Aicha was arrested upon arrival in the Netherlands on suspicion of participating in a terrorist organization. She was in custody for about a week before being released.