Amsterdam investigating social housing vacation rentals, sublets

Amsterdam is tightening its control on illegal subletting of social housing. For this reason the enforcement department of the Housing Department now has 30 officers working there, 6 more than previously. The newcomers have formed a team that focuses illegal vacation rentals.

According to SP alderman Laurens Ivens of Housing, illegal vacation rentals are ever increasing and he wants to put a stop to it. "Enforcement is essential." he told Het Parool. "The city of Berlin has banned all forms of vacation rentals, but the phenomenon is greater there than elsewhere because it is poorly controlled."

Last week the district court condemned a tenant for illegal subletting of social housing to vacationers. He had to leave his home and pay a total of nearly 20 thousand euros in investigation costs, fines and legal costs. Ivens thinks this punishment is completely appropriate. "The demand for social housing in Amsterdam is so great that it is not justified that those houses is used for anything other than living." he said to the newspaper. "And in principle it is also good that the profits are skimmed. I am pleased with this verdict. Through it violators know what they risk if they do not care about the rules."