Terminally-ill man sees one more Feyenoord match

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Feyenoord fan Theo's last wish to attend the match between Feyenoord and Vitesse over the weekend, was fulfilled on Sunday. The 77 year old, terminally ill man watched his football team play in the Kuip.

Six weeks ago Theo was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has metastases in the lymph nodes and adrenal glands and nothing more can be done for him, AD reports. He has deteriorated rapidly over the past few weeks and can barely walk. According to his daughter, Alice, he is living "by the minute".

Theo's final wish was to see Feyenoord play at the Kuip one last time. The football club and Ambulance Wish foundation worked to make that dream come true. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. The match was initially scheduled for Saturday afternoon, but had to be moved to Sunday night due to a police strike. Theo's family despaired, wondering if their father would be well enough to make another two hour trip to the Kuip.

The organizers decided not to give up hope. The ambulance still stood ready on Sunday and Feyenoord still kept a spot for Theo in the stadium. And well that they did. The support that the family received over the past few days seemed to have done Theo good and he was well enough to attend the game. "Our father eels strengthened and can attend the match tonight", daughter Yvette said before the match. "He's looking forward to it."