Nepal fundraising campaign underway

People finding shelter where they can after the Nepal earthquake (Picture: Twitter/@NU)People finding shelter where they can after the Nepal earthquake (Picture: Twitter/@NU)

The 11 cooperative aid organizations behind Giro555 have launched a fundraising campaign to help the people affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal. The fundraiser is titled Netherlands helps Nepal.

The earthquake that hit the impoverished Asian country on Saturday measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale - the worst earthquake in 80 years. On Monday the death toll was already on more than 4 thousand people, with the number of wounded estimated at more than 7 thousand. These numbers are expected to increase as the areas around the earthquake's epicenter have not been reached by search and rescue teams yet.

Giro555 fears for the fate of the local population and aims to provide immediate relief. The victims are in urgent need of food, safe drinking water shelter and medical care. Given the enormous amount of damage the earthquake caused, the aid organization also expects that a lot of money will be needed for reconstruction.

Donations can be made on the Giro555 website.