UN: Netherlands seventh happiest country in world

Happy people (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Emanuele Spies)Happy people (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Emanuele Spies)

The Netherlands is the 7th happiest country in the world according to the United Nation's World Happiness Report 2015. This puts the Netherlands three places down from the 4th place the country got in the 2013 report

Switzerland is the happiest country in the world, followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Canada and Finland, Bloomberg reports. The United States ended up in 15th place. The three unhappiest countries in the world are Togo, Burundi and Syria. Except for war-torn Afghanistan and Syria, the ten unhappiest countries are all in (sub)Saharan Africa.

The information on the report is primarily based on information from the Gallup World Poll. The poll looked at healthy life expectancy, social support and freedom to make life choices. Generosity, perception of corruption and gross domestic product also played a roll. The report shows the average responses between 2012 and 2014.