Kalashnikov aficionado loses collector’s permit

A collector of Kalashnikovs from Hellevoetsluis is permanently losing his collector's license. The Dutch Council of State found it inappropriate for the man to keep 30 automatic guns in his poorly secured house in the small South Holland city, reports AD.

The man can only get his weapons back from the police if he fortifies his residence drastically. The requirements include steel shutters, security cameras and a thousand-kilo vault. The confiscated weapons have been temporarily deposited with weapons dealers.

The man had been in possession of his collection for over 12 years and had written an encyclopedia on Kalashnikovs. Publicity surrounding the encyclopedia's release led police to become concerned about the easy availability of so many guns at the house.

The weapons were too easy to steal, according to the police. The collector was given a month to secure his collection. That period was insufficient, and the authorities withdrew his license in December 2012.