Dijsselbloem expects deal with Greece; parliament skeptical

Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem still expects the Eurozone countries and Greece to reach an agreement on structural reforms needed for further liquidity provision. However, parties in the parliament seem somewhat less optimistic about the deal, reports RTL Nieuws.

“I still think we will get out (of the situation, ed),” Dijsselbloem is quoted saying during the parliamentary debate on the issue. He also “sensed urgency” in the Greek government’s attempts to reach a compromise on the reforms. But that would require hard work from Athens.

The Second Chamber members appear to be more skeptical on the matter. Henk Nijboer, a labour MP, told others not to be impressed by the Greeks’ efforts. According to a CDA MP Pieter Omzigt, Greeks engage in threatening others instead of performing sound economic policies.

Dijsselbloem understand the skepticism of the Second Chamber. He acknowledged that in the past few months, little progress was made and much time was lost.