Dutch businesses unprepared for cybercrime

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The directors of businesses in the Netherlands are clueless about the risks of cybercrime. There is still a lot of work to be done to keep cyber criminals out.

This is according to Bart Hogendoorn, president of the industry association ICT Nederland and member of the Cyber Security Council. "Especially on board-level companies do not know what the risks are. They often think: there we have a very clever IT gentlemen, but it is a business item, not an IT item." he said to BNR.

Ronald Verbeek, director of the CIO platform - the umbrella organization for IT directors, agrees with Hogendoorn. "There is quite a bit of Dutch organizations in that field. It often goes wrong at commissioner level. There they see the opportunities of IT, but not the potential threats." He thinks that companies and the government should share more information on the matter. "This strengthens the information position of companies. This way everyone can be better prepared."