Missing Dutch tourist's body possibly found in New Zealand

Ken Boogers (Picture: Twitter/@VermistNL). (Ken Boogers (Picture: Twitter/@VermistNL))

A body believed to be missing tourist Ken Boogers has been found in New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald reports.

According to the newspaper, the body was spotted by a passerby on Wednesday, about 8 kilometers along Farewell Spit on the northwestern coast of the South Island.

The body has not been identified yet, but Boogers' family has been informed. An autopsy and DNA tests will be performed to establish the identity of the remains. According to the New Zealand police, this could take several weeks.

Boogers, 26, was last seen on Saturday afternoon, March 21, on his way to take a stroll on Wharariki Beach on the southern island of New Zealand. His friends raised the alarm the next day when he did not show up for an appointment. Early in April his family finally gave up searching for him, admitting that there was nothing more that they could do, and returned to the Netherlands.