Elderly the stars at Oma's Pop-up restaurant in Rotterdam

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Six students have started a pop-up restaurant in Rotterdam where lonely elderly people can once again cook for guests, AD reports.

Oma's Pop-up was started as a school assignment by six students studying commercial economy. "We don't want to start a trade in cheap phone charges from China like so many others", 19 year old Didy de Kraay told the newspaper. "We want to do something for someone else. The elderly have a nice day and hopefully also make some new contacts."

The students are focusing on elderly people in need of some contact. This, for now temporary, restaurant operates on Saturdays. But if it shows success, the students hope to have it open more often and in other cities too.

An Hendriks (80) is one of the grandmothers that cooked at Oma's Pop-up. Her husband died 20 years ago. "Since then I sit at a quarter to six on my own, with my tray on my lap, in front of the television. After a few bites I'm full, without even having tasted anything." An likes to cook for others. "I'm a company person, but who should I invite? Only on Wednesdays my grandson comes to visit and then I love cooking."

The menu consists of typical grandma dishes, with a culinary twist added by cooking teacher Louise Princen.