KNVB prosecutor investigates FC Utrecht anti-Semitic chants

Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)

An investigation has begun into the anti-Semitic chants heard during the FC Utrecht against AFC Ajax match last Sunday. The Royal Dutch Football Association's (KNVB) in-house prosecutor specialized in professional football is leading the investigation, stated KNVB in a press release on Wednesday. The Dutch Public Prosecutor (OM) on Tuesday had announced the start of an investigation into the chants.

FC Utrecht has until April 29 to clarify what kind of measures were taken during the match to prevent the chants and whether any kind of action was taken afterwards. The team apologized and announced their own investigation into the case on Tuesday, while also stating they were "unaware of the contents" of the chants, NU reports.

KNVB is pleased to hear that all the parties are investigating the case, which they call a "border-transcending" incident. The association also reports that it has been in contact with various Jewish interest groups, such as CIDI and CJO.

"The starting point in these conversations is to achieve a joint, structural approach aimed at raising awareness, one in which the clubs and supporters play a role as well," KNVB states. "Because anti-Semitism is a social phenomenon, which certainly also takes place outside football, the KNVB wants to join in on government initiatives."