3.5 year-sentence for Deurne jeweler robbery suspect

Police investigating the shooting death of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter)Police investigating the shooting dead of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter)

The Dutch Public Prosecutor demanded a 3.5-year prison sentence against Zakaria G., suspected of involvement in the Goldies jewelry store robbery in Deurne, on Wednesday, Omroep Brabant reports.

Two suspects, 20-year-old Abdel H. and 29-year-old Youssef F., were killed during the robbery on March 28, 2014. The jewelry store owner's wife open fired on the robbers when they attacked her husband. One of the robbers was G.'s roommate.

The prosecutor believes that the evidence conclusively proves that G. played an important role in the robbery, even though he wasn't present when the store was robbed. According to the prosecutor, 28-year-old G. was in Goldies two weeks before the robbery to examine the layout of the store. He and another suspect also purchased new phones just before the robbery, which they used to contact each other.

He was arrested in Stuttgart, Germany, last July. According to G., he was very upset by his roommate death and did not want to live in the same house anymore, which is why he went to Germany. He also claims that he called the one robber on the day of the robbery because he found his keys in his car and wanted to return them, Omroep Brabant reports.

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