Second victim in building collapse dies; first still fighting

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The second victim that was trapped under the rubble of the collapsed Raab Karcher building in Ede yesterday, has passed away, Omroep Gelderland reports. The 45 year old, unresponsive man was found by sniffer dogs around 18:20 last night. The building collapsed around 12:30.

The first victim, a 59 year old man, was found around 17:15 yesterday afternoon. He was severely wounded and transported to a hospital in Nijmegen with a trauma helicopter.

Both men were employees of another Raab Karcher branch. Rescue workers initially did not know that anyone was trapped in the building. They only started looking for victims after noticing two unknown cars in the parking lot. Sniffer dogs were used to make sure that no one else was trapped in the building.

The police and labor inspectorate are investigating the collapse of the Raab Karcher property, a building materials company on Max Planckstraat, RTL reports. The central question in the investigation is how it is possible that it took firefighters hours before realizing that there were people trapped under the rubble.