Emergency plastic surgery could fall under basic health insurance

Health Minister Edith Schippers wants to explore the possibility of adding medically-necessary plastic surgery back to the basic insurance package. During a Monday broadcast of television show Radar, Schippers called on doctors to help form a plan, which would then be reviewed by the Minister and her colleagues.

Plastic surgery was removed from the basic insurance in 2005, since too many people were abusing the system, Nu.nl reported. "The rules were constantly bent. People used it more and more to decorate themselves," Schippers said.

However, Schippers is now reconsidering the decision because many people are harmed by the exclusion. She emphasised the reduction of the risk of abuse, promoting a clear definition for surgical options that could be compensated by insurers. Plastic surgeons themselves would also have to take more responsibility in the matter, she said, so that the practice does not get out of hand..

The plastic surgery industry responded positively and wants to have a meeting with Schippers as soon as possible.