Extra time for filing income tax; Over four million already filed


The Dutch government has issued extra time to file tax return reports for those people wanting to get a guaranteed confirmation from the tax authorities before July 1st, a spokesperson for the Finance Minister confirmed to RTL Nieuws. Over 4 million people have filed tax returns since March 1st and now the Finance Minister Eric Wiebes has stretched the original deadline of tax declarations from April 1st to April 15th. 

Wiebes wants to avoid the overload of the tax administration website that has occurred when many people try to file their reports simultaneously at the end of March. That is the reason why the reports can this year be filed during April as well.

The Dutch tax office also introduced an application that allows people to file their tax reports through a mobile device. The app is designed for people with simple and straightforward tax declarations and the data is already filled in by tax authorities, and can not be changed. For the first time the declaration can be filed from a personal page with the tax payer's prefilled data already on it, requiring only a quick approval.

More than 100,000 of the four million tax reports were filed through mobile phones or tablets, which Finance Minister called "unique" in an interview to RTLZ.

This year, 12 million individuals or businesses are expected to get a tax return for 2014.