Over 130 Moroccans demand Wilders pay up for discrimination

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So far, 136 complainants in the "fewer Moroccans" case against Geert Wilders have submitted a request for compensation. The number comes from internal figures from Slachtofferhulp Nederland, a Dutch victims support group, AD reports.

The complainants say they have suffered damages from PVV leader Wilders' discrimination against Moroccans. Lawyers have advised the complainants not to demand more than 250 euros, which would result in a total damage claim of around 30,000 euros, according to AD.

As victims may claim damages up to the day of the trial, the number of claims may very well increase. An internal letter recently sent by the Dutch Public Prosecutor stated that "a large number of complainants" have indicated that they want compensation. The letter also stated that they have called in "specialist lawyers" to assist the victims.

The Public Prosecutor decided to prosecute Wilders late last year. Wilders twice made public calls for "fewer Moroccans." Wilders called it "incomprehensible" that he would be prosecuted for speaking the "truth". While questioned by the National Police about the matter, he stated that he took nothing back.

The PVV leader will only have to pay the compensation if the court finds him guilty and deems the compensation is "fair and reasonable".