Socialist MP backs Univ. Amsterdam protest demand

Students occupying the Maagdenhuis at the University of Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@ruudfiere). (Students occupying the Maagdenhuis at the University of Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@ruudfiere))

The SP supports the action group (The New University) that is protesting for more democracy at the University of Amsterdam. The party will draft a legislative  proposal that states that the management of a university should be chosen by the university's students and staff, AT5 reports.

SP parliamentarian Jasper van Dijk made this announcement at a meeting in the Maagdenhuis on Tuesday. "We want to put an end to the 'old boys network' and ensure a basis of support for the university administration" Van Dijk said to ANP. According to him, UvA Executive Board Chairman Louise Gunning is totally disconnected from her own people, both students and lecturers. He thinks that this can be avoided by having the board elected by the students and lecturers. "This is already happening at the university Leuven, Belgium, and is a great success there."

Van Dijk thinks that university elections should be held once every four years. This will force candidates to present themselves to their voters and to seek support. They will also be held accountable to students and lecturers more often.