Anti-Islam PVV volunteer attacked handing out flyers

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PVV volunteer Richard Wilmsen (31) was attacked yesterday afternoon while handing out flyers with another volunteer in Eindhoven, Omroep Brabant reports.

Wilmsen and the other volunteer were distributing flyers on Abrikozenstraat around 15:30 yesterday afternoon. He put a flyer in his attacker's postbox. When the two PVV volunteers were further down the street, the attacker came flying out of his house.

According to Wilmsen, he was then accosted by the angry man. "You should not distribute flyers here, otherwise you'll be beaten up", the man allegedly said to Wilmsen. The man started walking away, but turned back. "It seemed as if he suddenly had a short circuit or something." Wilmsen told the newspaper. "Within seconds he was on me and he grabbed me. He then shouted: 'I fuck your mother'." The man punched Wilmsen and tried to push him down. "That did not work. Then he gave me a kick in the ass and threw the flyer in my face. He said that if I hand out flyers here the next time he will make sure that I couldn't."

According to Wilmsen, the man probably attacked him because he thinks that the PVV is against foreigners. "The PVV is obviously not against foreigners. We're simply busy with democratic work. We should be able to do that." Wilmsen reported the incident to the police on Monday night.