Grexit possible, Greek ISIS threats "insane": Timmermans

It is still possible that Greece will exit the euro zone (the so called Grexit), Frans Timmermans, the Vice President of the European Commission, said on the television program Buitnhof yesterday. He also called the threat made by the Greek minister of defense to open up the borders for ISIS-combatants if Europe does not give Greece favorable conditions "insane and outrageous", NU reports.

"That (the Grexit, ed) may be the ultimate consequence of the establishment of the Greek government." Timmermans said. He added that he does not assume that it will happen.

Greece has had a very different tone since the electoral victory of the EU critical, radical left part Syriza. All the other euro countries agree that loans must be repaid and that agreements must be complied with. A Greek exit from the single European currency "would be a huge disaster for Greece" as well as for the total euro area, according for Timmermans. "The unpredictability is huge."

Timmermans put the matter in a broader context. Middle parties in Europe are under pressure due to the emergence of more extreme right and left parties. "If middle parties have the idea that it is no longer about them and there is no confidence in the future, if we do not then reform and restore the confidence, the political center will be eroded. That is then the end of the European cooperation project."