More VVD criminal arrests possible: Prosecutor

The Public Prosecutor suspects two more VVD officials of corruption, NRC reports. These officials are Piet Ploeg, former alderman in Stichtse Vecht, and Rob Bats, former mayor of Haren. They are suspected of trying to influence the appointment of mayor in the Stichtse Vecht in favor of Bats.

The police got a detailed view of how the VVD tried to get their own candidate appointed as mayor by tapping the phone conversation of Kathalijne de Kruif, VVD faction leader in Stichtse Vecht. De Kruif was arrested last month on suspicion of cannabis trading and laundering drug money. As member of the confidential committee, De Kruif gave information about the application procedure to former alderman Piet Ploeg. This included information on what questions would be put to the applicants, and led to Rob Bats being appointed as mayor in Stichtse Vecht (Breukelen, Loenen and Maarssen).

According to investigative sources, Ploeg is suspected of complicity in breach of confidentiality. The investigation was transferred from Utrecht to the Public Prosecution in eastern Netherlands because Ploeg held a high position in the Public Prosecution as director of operations until recently. He is currently the chairman of the Stichting Vliegramp MH17 (Foundation MH17 Disaster)

Rob bats may be suspected of passive official bribery.