Netflix could launch new series based in Amsterdam

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On-demand media content provider Netflix is planning on locating its new series in Amsterdam. The streaming platform company started initial discussions about the filming location with the municipality, Amsterdam film commissioner Simon Brester reveals to the Parool. 

Brester is now looking for a writer and a producer who has an idea focused on the capital city that is ready for production. Netflix sees the potential of Amsterdam as a setting, and a long-running series would boost the city and its employment in all aspects, he says.

"The plans are still in their infancy, but they [Netflix] are serious," Brester states.

Netflix has already developed location-based series in different parts of Europe, such as Marseille in France, Marco Polo in Italy and Lilyhammer in Norway. Brester hopes that the plan encourages the Netherlands Film Fund to open their financial incentives for television, as well. He feels that the line between film and television is rapidly fading.

"A series like Hollands Hoop is nothing short of a cinema production," Brester adds.

The new Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme has been effective since May 2014. It aims to increase the attractiveness of the Netherlands for both national and foreign film productions through financial contributions and tax credits. This way it could raise the production activity of creative and technical film professionals and film companies in the Netherlands.

With this plan it is also possible to develop film talent and encourage diversity within Dutch movie production.