"Horror Owl" strikes again

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The horror owl of Purmerend has struck again, claiming two more victims on Monday night.

Ruben Ruigendijk (35) was jogging when he was attacked by the owl. "I know I'm living in the danger zone", he told NU on Tuesday. "So I was aware of the risk when I went for a run last night." A group of young people he passed tried to warn him that the owl was heading his way. "I wondered whether I should duck, but then it was too late and I felt an unpleasant hard tap on my head." A second jogger, Eric Dodeman, was also attacked by the owl last night. He sustained a head wound during his first encounter with the owl, but managed to fend off the second attack with his hands.

The owl has been terrorizing Purmerend for weeks, injuring several people including a newspaper deliverer and an athlete. The province issued an exemption to the municipality to catch and relocate the owl. Thus far the owl has managed to evade the falconer trying to catch him. The municipality advises people to carry an umbrella when they enter the owl's fly zone. https://instagram.com/p/0BOIOpLzkf