Police knew family probs. before man killed his family: neighbors

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On Saturday three bodies were found in a home in Etten-Leur, one of them a 9 year old child. The police suspect that murders were related to family problems. According to neighbors, several aid organizations and the police were aware of problems in the family due to a report of domestic violence at the Safety House in Bergen op Zoom in 2013, AD reports.

At about 14:00 on Saturday afternoon the bodies of 9 year old Melda Celik, her father 41 year old Necati Celik and a third as of yet unidentified person were found in a home on Landmanweg in Etten-Leur. Neighbors whisper that the third victim must be the family's 20 year old son. Nesrin (41), the mother of the family, was not at home. The police would not comment on how they were killed, but it soon came to light that family problems were involved.

While all the neighbors were shocked by what happened, it was not unexpected. "Our fears have come true", Hava, who used to be best friends with Nesrin until a conflict drove them apart late last year, told the newspaper. "They were known to the authorities, this is one of those stories." There have been problems between Necati and Nesrin for some time. She had psychiatric problems and was even admitted to an institution for a while. "They were in a divorce battle" Hava explained. "The police knew. The local police officer visited them often." Nesrin moved out of the house in Etten-Leur to a property in Zevenbergen a few months ago. Melda had been attending a school there since November.

The police confirmed that they had had previous contact with the family, but would not elaborate. Nesrin has been questioned by the police, bt is not considered a suspect.