D66, Socialists win televised debate, viewers say

Alexander Pechtold (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pepijn Leupen - D66)Alexander Pechtold (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pepijn Leupen - D66)

According to viewers, D66 leader Alexander Pechtold was the winner of RTL's election debate last night, with SP leader Emile Roemer close on his heels in second place.

This is according to a poll done by DVJ Insights, conducted on behalf of RTL Niuews. The poll was done among 800 viewers, a large enough number to ensure reliable results, according to DVJ Insights.

Pechtold received the most support with 29.7 percent of the participants voting for him. Roemer got 27.7 percent of the support. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) came in third with 22.9 percent. Diederik Samsom (PvdA) and Sybrand Buma brought up the rear in 4th and 5th place with 10.1 percent and 9.7 percent respectively.