Freelancers losing out on full-time work: study

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The number of full time jobs for freelancers decreased in 2014, while the number of freelancers in the Netherlands increased.

This is according to the market monitor ZP Facts released by Headfirst and Tilburg University yesterday. According to the study, the number of jobs for 36 to 40 hours per weak already showed a decline in 2012 and 2013. 28 percent of jobs are now jobs for 35 hours a week or less. Women have an average work week of 29 hours and men have an average 33 hours work week.

The total number of jobs also showed a slight decline in 2014. The decrease was greater in the private sector than in the public sectors. The number of jobs in IT and energy remained stable, while there was a decline in the financial sector.

The duration of the jobs decreased in 2013 from 521 days to 461 days and fluctuated between 457 days and 526 days in 2014. The average duration of a freelance job was 492 days (16.5 months) over the past two years.

The hourly rates for freelancers declined further in 2014, but the decline was less pronounced than in previous years.