Defense Min. gives advance to chromium paint victims

Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (Defense) has made an agreement with the military unions that (former) employees who think that their illness was caused by working with carcinogenic chromium 6 paint, can soon get a compensation of up to 15 thousand euros, NOS reports.

The maximum amount of 15 thousand euros is for employees suffering from the most serious diseases, such as lung- or nose cancer. Employees suffering from a less severe illness, or whose illness is less directly related to working with the poisonous paint, will get 3 thousand, 5 thousand or 7,500 euros, depending on the nature of their complaints. If the employee has already died, his/her relatives are entitled to the money.

This is the "temporary compensation scheme" that Minister Hennis announced in November. Hennis is taking this step because the RIVM investigation may still take a few more years. She stressed that this is not an admission of guilt. (Former) Employees must have worked with the chromium 6 paint for at least 1 year to qualify for this scheme. Those who think they are entitled to compensation, can report to the Abp with the relevant medical information.

To date 1,400 Defense employees and former employees who worked with the carcinogenic paint have reported to Defense. About 400 of them are suffering from medical problems.