Four suspects in fatal train accident released

Rocky Hellegers
Rocky Hellegers (Picture: Hellegers (Picture:

The police have released the four suspects that were arrested in connection with the death of Rocky Hellegers (32), who was hit by a train in Wijchen station on Tuesday night. The police concluded that the suspects did not play any roll in Hellegers' death.

As previously reported, Hellegers and one of the suspects got into a fight on the train before the accident. Both of them called friends in as reinforcement who would meet them at the station in Wijchen. These friends were waiting in the station when the train arrived and the fight continued on the platform.

According to the police, as they were getting out of the train, the man who had been fighting with Hellegers pointed to his friend on the platform and Hellegers ran towards him. The friend fled and jumped onto the tracks and ran across them. Hellegers followed the fleeing man onto the tracks. He was hit by the train as he was trying to get onto the platform on the other side.

There was no one in Hellegers' immediate vicinity at the time of the accident. According to the police, video footage and several statements support this conclusion. Hellegers was not pushed onto the tracks and was no one hindered him as he was trying to climb onto the platform on the other side.