Flex worker fraud rate triples in seven years

The flexible labor market leads to an increasing amount of fraud in companies, because employees are less loyal to their employers. This is according to the annual report of business crime by Hoffman Bedrijfsrecherche, the NU reports.

"The uncertainty about contract renewals is growing. And it seems that people, especially juveniles, are more inclined to make a misstep if they know that their contract will not be renewed." Richard Franken, director of Hoffmann stated.

The number of women engaged in fraudulent behavior is also increasing. Last year 30 percent of the fraud was committed by women, according to Hoffman, compared to only 11 percent in 2007.

The most common types of fraud in companies are incorrect registering of work hours, sending false invoices and stealing sensitive, competitive information for starting their own business. Cyber crime is also a major problem.

Hoffman predicts that cyber crime will increase this year. The company also warns that there may be an increase in fraudulent activities in hospitals and healthcare facilities.