Taxi firm's bankruptcy leaves 376 drivers on the street

The court in Gelderland today declared the regional taxi department of transport company Willemsen de Koning in Arnhem bankrupt, AD reports. 376 taxi drivers lost their jobs.

The company had a lingering financial conflict with the province of Gelderland. Earlier this week the company suddenly stopped all taxi rides in the area, leaving hundreds of residents stranded. The province, which is the contractor of the regional taxis, arranged emergency transport for urgent cases, but the vast majority of customers were stuck without transport.

On Wednesday the judge ruled that the company immediately had to resume its service. But this was impossible, as the company had no money for petrol or salaries. Taking money from another part of the company could mean that that department would also collapse, causing 1,100 layoffs.

The province and unions are working to accommodate the unemployed taxi drivers at three other taxi companies in Gelderland. These companies will provide the regional taxi service in the province from July.