700 jobs cut at PostNL

PostNL is busy with yet another reorganization under the name "Davis Cup", AD reports. This reorganization will cost 150 jobs in the marketing and sales departments and 550 jobs in PostNL's car company.

The company wants many of the letters in rural areas to be delivered by bicycle and scooter instead of by car. Which is why CEO Verhagen has to cut 550 jobs in the car company. At the same time hundreds of marketers and other sales staff currently have to apply for their own positions. PostNL hopes to save tens of millions of euros.

According to PostNL spokesperson Hanne Kluck, the cutbacks are necessary because people send fewer letters by post. Since 2004 Dutch people have sent 50 percent fewer letters and the decline continues at a steady pace. The postal service previously dismissed all 10 thousand full-time postmen and hired cheaper part-timers.

There is yet another reorganization at the customer contact centers under the name "Project Go", AD reports based on an internal presentation that the newspaper managed to get its hands on. Unions CNV Publieke Diensten and Abvakabo FNV is very concerned. "We are being bombarded with emails and phone calls from employees", CNV director Aynur Polat said to AD. The unions will hold a meeting for employee representatives of the car company in Zwolle tonight.

According to PostNL, the company previously reported that jobs will have to be cut at the head office and several other departments. The company emphasizes that it is trying to avoid redundancies as much as possible, but can not make any guarantees. PostNL's Works Council of Commerce announced that the reorganization is necessary, but a good social plan has been agreed on.