Rotterdam shooting suspect released; manhunt underway

Amesterdam Politie

The 26 year old suspect that was arrested in connection with the shooting in Rotterdam on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, has been released and is no longer a suspect. A Large-scale Investigation Team of the police, which includes 20 detectives, are looking for the perpetrator(s).

Just before midnight on February 3rd local residents called the police and reported hearing gunshots. Police officers found a seriously injured man on De Mussetstraat. The 24 year old man from Rotterdam died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Although the victim was found on De Mussetstraaat, the police suspect that the actual shooting happened on Dumasstraat.

Shortly after the incident the police arrested a 26 year old from Rotterdam. He was released after questioning.

The police immediately launched an investigation on and around the crime scene, which included a trace evidence investigation and questioning witnesses. The investigation was continued yesterday with the Large-scale Investigation team.