Tinder to charge for swiping right

A Tinder profile (Strong Women/Twitter)A Tinder profile (Strong Women/Twitter)

Dating app Tinder started testing the new features of enhanced app Tinder Plus in the Netherlands this week, prompting excitement, annoyance and indifference from its users.

Tinder is a dating app where users connect with others based on their appearance. Users swipe left to ignore a candidate and right to "like" them. If two users have "liked" each other, they will be connected via a messenger service.

Several Dutch Tinder users took to Twitter to report a pop-up payment demand they received from the app. The pop-up reads: "You're out of likes" and advises users that they can either wait 24 hours, or pay 9.99 euro per month for unlimited right swipes.

Paying the fee grants users access to Tinder Plus. The upgraded app was first announced last November, but limitations to right swipes was not mentioned. Other features include an undo button, which allows users to reassess their decision and take back their left or right swipe, and the ability to change users' perceived locations.

Tinder seems to be testing how much users are willing to pay for the enhanced app, and the set price is not currently clear.

Some users have reported a Tinder Plus fee of 9.99 euro per month, some of 14.99 euros, while others are being prompted to pay only 2.99 euros. In the Dutch App Store, the app purchase price ranges from 2.99 euros to 4.99 euros.

It is also not clear how many right swipes can be made before the pop-up appears. This may be another research strategy, nu.nl has speculated.