Over 8.3 million traffic tickets handed out

8,306,094 traffic fines were issued in 2014, according to the annual traffic overview 2014. That is a decrease of more than 2 million fines compared to the 10,334,619 that was issued in 2013.

Fines were issued for, among other things, speeding, running a red light, illegal parking, not wearing a seat-belt or helmet, talking on a cellphone while driving and the lack of bike lights. The majority of traffic fines were issued for violating the speed limit - 6,730,443 people will caught speeding last year.

The decrease in traffic fines in 2014 compared to 2013 can partly be contributed to maintenance or replacement work on speed traps. There was also an extensive replacement operation replacing outdated analogue speed cameras with new digital poles throughout the country. The police's mobile radar equipment was also replaced on large-scale last year.