Driver in fatal stunt crash to get monster truck back

Mario D.
Mario D., driver of the monster truck that crashed into an audience in Sept. 2014 (graphic: NL Times)Mario D., driver of the monster truck that crashed into an audience in Sept. 2014 (graphic: NL Times)

The driver of the monster truck that fatally drove into the crowd during an automotive show in Haaksbergen could soon be back in his vehicle. The truck, however, is not yet being returned to stuntman Mario D., but to the Waarborgfonds Motorverkeer (Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund), determined a court in Almelo. The stuntman was also responsible for a poorly executed stunt which led to the injury of a young girl.

The Fund demanded the car through court in order to pay part of the damages, since the driver, Mario D., was uninsured at the time of the accident last September.

The Waarborgfonds Motorverkeer received a permission to seize the truck of Mario D., contrary to the earlier report of the Fund seizing three properties of the stuntman.

The provision is a compromise between the Fund and the driver. The Public Prosecutor has confiscated the truck for the length of the criminal investigation, but if the criminal seizure is lifted or the vehicle will not be confiscated after the investigation, the Fund may lay claim on the truck. However, Mario D. is still allowed to use the truck to carry on its business home and abroad.

Waarborgfonds Motorverkeer dropped the requirements of full custody of the vehicle, since it became clear that the Fund itself would be in charge of the storage and any maintenance costs of the truck.