I'm a hacker, not a terrorist: Tarik Z.

For the first time in history the 20:00 news was not broadcast last night due to a man forcing himself into the NOS studios demanding airtime. The man, who was carrying a (later identified as) fake pistol, entered the building shortly before 20:00. The police arrested him in a recording studio at about 20:10.

The suspect has been identified as Tarik Z., a 19 year old student. He was born in Zoetemeer, but currently lives on Nieuwkoopseweg in Pijnacker with his mother and stepfather. The police searched his home last night. According to a fellow student, the suspect is in the first year of a chemistry course at both the Universities of Delft and Leiden, Het Parool reports. "To me he appears to be a quiet and intelligent boy", the fellow student said.

NOS reporter Martijn Bink, who was in the studio when Z. came in and managed to film the arrest, asked Z. a few questions after he was arrested. Z. said that he had no terrorist motives, but was part of a hacker collective. He stated that he was not planning to hurt anyone. Bink also asked for the story Z. wanted to tell on live TV. "Then came an incoherent story." Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) has stated that Z.'s actions was a "one man action". He therefore seems not to be part of a hacker collective as he said to Brink and also claimed in the letter he allegedly used to gain access to the building.

Z. is still in custody. He is accused of unlawful detention, making threats and weapon possession, the police stated last night. The security guard who led Z. to the empty studio and the police are being praised as heroes after the incident. The incident led to authorities planning to tighten the security at the Media Park in Hilversum even more.